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"'s no secret that many of the mystery schools of ancient cultures sought a spiritual rebirth within the individual using the zodiac as a teaching tool. . . . The zodiac described the inner constitution of humans, the structure-function-order of ourselves, mirroring that of the universe.  According to the ancients, the archetypal principles revealed by arithmetic and geometry, represented by the zodiac, seen manifest in the designs of nature, technology, art, the clock and calendar, temple architecture, myths, measures, and whole societies have correspondence within each os us.  The initiate was taught to see the world inside-out, to see twelve-part wholes as our reflection."
 Michael Schneider, The Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science, Harper Perennial, 1994, pp.217-8

Psychadelics, the likely inspiration for most of humanity's knowledge of sacred geometry

Below is a visual tribute to the geometric cosmic art of the Shipibo people of Peru, known as masters of the psychadelic "spiritual" drug Ayahausca.  Since paleo-lithic times visionary and consciousness altering drugs have been used by shamans in the communities around the world who knew how to prepare and use them for sacred purposes, who were entrusted by the community to gather and share the knowledge that came from them.  Shamanic vision (like all types of brow chakra exploration) is likely the inspiration behind all forms of sacred geometry.  The enlightened ones do not need drugs.  It is possible to develop psychic skills that bring insights like this without drugs.  These states come to those who have access to the akashic realms and were born for the purpose of sharing this kind of knowledge.   It can also be a seductive trap for sincere spiritual seekers.  But in ancient times, this was accessible to any culture and quite possibly its access to the Divine knowledge it needed.  Then during the course of interpreting the drawings based on these insights, there would come an understanding of higher mathematics and the geometry's relationship to the stars, planets, seasons, agricultural cycles, human fertility...etc.  These things would have very naturally become a civilizing factor in nation building - or even in smaller tribal levels, part of the lore and oral tradition, part of the religion, part of the calendar, part of daily life.  And to those cultures who had avataurs, even greater truths would be revealed, as Sri Aurobindo writes in his book on Mystic Hymns.

Should we all try psychadelic drugs to access Truth?  I don't advocate this.  They are dangerous and easily misused in the wrong hands* plus I don't believe they make us enlightened, more likely they confuse Truth with the fantasies of our ego.  

Here is what my my Satguru Sri Vasudeva wrote in 2002:

To touch the Reality that exists we need to become more awake to the great wisdom that lies before us in the simple things. The mystic William Blake wrote : 
“To see a world in a grain of sand 
And a heaven in a wild flower 
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand 
And eternity in an hour.” 
The Truth is right before us. We need only the eyes to see It. The men and women of ancient wisdom had these eyes. We can learn all the great truths by observing the wondrous workings of Nature. Open your eyes and see the handiwork of our Divine Creator. The Universe is the manifestation of Great Intelligence. Observe it with eyes of simplicity, with the humility of a true seeker of wisdom and with a heart filled with the sincere desire to uncover its mystery. If It finds you worthy it will unfold its secrets to your heart.
Sri Vasudeva, Satsang message, 2002

The Cosmological Circle

As found at Stonehenge...

There is a geometrical representation of the 28 psychic points within us linking to the 28 points of the multidimensional universe in which we live.  Here is a very superficial synopsis of some of the most astounding things I found in my research.

When I was doing some research on sacred geometry I found Michael Schneider's wonderful research on how numbers show up in the sacred geometry of life - in Nature and in Life's Processes.  The ancient template of the Cosmological Circle, rediscovered in the 1960s by John Michell, is based on the number 12.  Click on the image below to see more details about it on Schneider's webite "Constructing The Universe".

This image is geometrically aligned to the actual distance between the Moon and Earth.  It forms a perfect marriage called "squaring the circle" between the materialist (square/straight lines) and the spiritual (circle).   According to Michell and Schneider's research, ancient civilizations knew about this and built structures and organized themselves according to the teachings of this sacred geometry.

Here we see plainly how the 28 nakshatra system fit in between the 13 moons formed in the circle, like the 28 days of the month in the lunar year.

13 "moons" & 28 points made of 4x7-pointed stars

The Cosmological Circle with the 28 Star PointsAdapted from Michael Schneider's Diagram(click image to link to his site)

This image can be seen as a template for understanding the philosophies that emerged about cosmology in various cultures.

Cosmos on the back of a tortoise/turtle

It is said that the secrets of the I Ching were inspired by the markings on the back of a turtle, and in a flash revealed how the cosmos works.  This has to do with the ba gua / pakua cosmology "compass" used in feng qui.  There is a pre-heaven version and a post-heaven version.  The post-heaven one came from a shamanistic experience:
"Traditionally, Fu Xi is considered the originator of the I Ching (also known as the Yi Jing or Zhou Yi), which work is attributed to his reading of the He Map (or the Yellow River Map). According to this tradition, Fu Xi had the arrangement of the trigrams (八卦 bāgùa) of the I Ching revealed to him in the markings on the back of a mythical dragon horse (sometimes said to be a tortoise) that emerged from the Luo River. This arrangement precedes the compilation of the I Ching during the Zhou dynasty. This discovery is said to have been the origin of calligraphy. "

A lot of these insights come from altered states.  Terrence McKenna, who took psychadelic trips using mushrooms, discovered secrets of the I Ching and the speculation is that the ancient Mayans could have discovered the same secrets through their use of hallucinogenic substances also.  Our inner truth can be accessed in all kinds of ways.  So, yes the Universe does rest on the back of a turtle - if you know what "Universe" really means:

The Cosmos/Universe on the back of a turtle
13 moons and 28 smaller sections

We see in in Hinduism:

The Chinese lunar constellations showing the 4 Directions (7 lunar constellations per direction so we have 7 chakras represented for each Guardian Spirit/dragon or what have you):

Guardians of the 4 Directions

The 4 symbols/guardians/dragons/emperors represent (among other things) the 2 equinoxes and 2 solistices of the 4 cardinal directions.

This is also in the Mayan representation of the cosmos with the day signs holding positions around the circle:

The Pakua/Bagua cosmic energy "map" incorporates the twenty-eight lunar mansions, all the yin/yang I Ching hexagrams, the cosmological circle and probably lots of other things I don't understand because it is a combination of systems layered on top of one another.  Here is a detailed explanation of it with diagrams (link).

The cosmos in our head

Carl Johan Calleman decoded many secrets about this cosmology encoded in the step pyramid at El Castillo in Chichen Itza.  This is also linked to the cosmological circle (viewing a pyramid from the top, the eye view of the heavens).  I found this interesting interpretation by John Major Jensins from a link called the Maya Cosmogenesis:

13:20 & the 4 partitioned brain

Calleman found that in the construction of 9 stepped pyramid was represented a 13:20 sacred ratio representing great periods (like the Hindu yugas).  Notice that in the 27 nakshatra system the cosmic circle is divided into 27 sections of 13°20' and even for the pada system we have 3°20' reflecting this sacred ratio.  Clearly this has something to do with the sacred geometry of the moon.

Calleman has written many marvellous books on this topic (see his website: In his book The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization, he writes about the 4 partitioned brain - bringing fresh insights into the ancient Mayan understanding of our inner cosmology.  Here is one of the diagrams in that book showing how the 4 cardinal directions are part of the basic design of the cosmos as in our inner anatomy (the north pole is considered as the center):

From The Global Mind & The Rise of Civilization by C.J. Calleman

In Paramahansa Yogananda's treatise on the Bhagavad Gita he also writes about the 4 cardinal directions as being related to areas of our brain with corresponding minor chakra points.  Indu Chakra for example is related to the East, representing the forehead area.  [I will need to look this up].

Indigenous peoples the world over have some sort of version of this cosmological circle, emphasizing one or other of its aspects.  The ancients clearly knew the sacred relationship of everything.

I am sure there is much more I could post here about this but this is enough to give you an idea.

The Cosmological Circle is None Other than the Muladhara Chakra

I think the Airavatha elphant could easily be Ganesha, the lord of Vedic Astrology, who is often linked with the muladhara (root) chakra.  This chakra fits perfectly on the model of the cosmological circle.  The four cardinal directions corresponding to the 4 "petals" (nadis) of the root chakra are also the four solistice and four parts of the brain and four vrittis (waves of the mind producing 4 goals of life - dharma, artha, kama, moksha) related to the 5 tattvas (also in the Taoist system) of 4 elements surrounding one in the centre.  I am convinced it all derives from a shamanistic understanding of the root chakra.  This knowledge was available since paleo-lithic times, when people were also tracking the movements of the Moon and other planets and stars.  This is the common root of every kind of cosmological knowledge and the most basic kind of knowledge.  Every chakra is a universe or dimension unto itself.  Some of us can access other dimensions but the root chakra is the earth dimension, the experience of living in a body, on the planet Earth, understanding what "form" is.  This is universal, beyond any philosophy.  We can take any system that uses the cosmological circle as derivative of the muladhara chakra.  

Behind the world of gross physical vibration is energy, the astral and causal worlds.  The creative force in the cosmos is called Brahma and the Brahma nadi that culminates in brahmarandhra at GV20, while in the causal body at the core of our existence as souls in layers of energy fields within the human gross body, is also part of this sacred geometry.

If you can feel your physical body you have some connection with your root chakra and that's good enough.  The secret to learning how to live in harmony with our physical body, in harmony with Nature and the Cosmos was known since paleo-lithic times and is encoded in all the sacred teachings to do with the cosmological circle.  Living in these times isn't this the kind of knowledge we need to restore our balance with the world we live in?  Entire civilizations had parts of this knowledge and tried to live their lives according to it, but there has been corruption, misuse and misunderstanding from the very start.  Today with advanced technology and democracy, we have for the first time the ability to pool our knowledge.  The inner cosmology is the blueprint for the outer.   The outer impacts the inner.  This needs to be understood.  Science should no longer turn a blind eye to it.

*(Not intending to demonize Ayuhuasca, click here to see possibilities for certain controlled clinical psychology applications.  Dr. Gabor Mate is a really progressive thinker and champion of harm reduction for substance abusers.  Being a natural product not extracted and reprocessed it doesn't have the side effects of other psychadelics.  Apparently it is more the ritual factors than the actual drug itself that is the real change mechanism in this intervention for PTSD patients...which I suspect is the same for people who take it for spiritual purposes.  The mind is a powerful healer too.)

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